Wednesday, June 29, 2011

PA! er...i mean Boston

Jeez Louise!  It has been a CRAZY few weeks!! we are pretty much in Inception but instead of descending levels of the dream world, we are making our way through awesome vacation opportunities! Once out of Harpers Ferry we caught the train to Washington DC where we took a ton of pictures at the Capital Building, walked the mall, rode the carousel, saw some museums, went to a bar with all day happy hour, (in honor of the first day of summer), then headed to the hotel to freshen up and get ready to go to the MICHAEL FRANTI concert!  We had the best night ever listening to the best music ever, jumping up and down, singing along, dancing, laughing, and taking pictures.  It was absolutely amazing.  The next day we had a leisurely morning, strolling around the mall, going to museums, etc.  Got to have lunch with Elaine! Catch up and talk about camp! Then my awesome cousin and aunt came out to the Natural History Museum and we got to catch up too!!!! It was such an awesome day! We headed out to Nationals Park to watch the Nat's play the Mariners!! Had fun yelling at the field, being rowdy, and watching some baseball.  Laugh Track and I headed out to Annapolis later that night and got to see the best people in the world! Larry and Diana and my crazy awesome mother!!! We got to have a few days in Annapolis hanging out, eating amazing food, and recovering from some pulled leg muscles.  Friday, Larry generously brought us out FISHING!! Laugh Track and I had the time of our lives, eating, drinking, and catching spot, the bait fist, then rock fish (striped bass)!!! They were HUGE and so so strong! Neither of us have ever gone fishing before, so it was an awesome day full of first, some hard-to-reel-in fish, and pretty cool people.  Had the best fish fry ever that night, after I devoured some raw fish at the cleaning station, and both L.T. and I learned how to fillet a fish!  Then the next day we got to take a water taxi over to Eastport, where they were having a massive music festival called Eastport A'Rockin' - 27 bands, 3 stages, beer, food, oyster shooters, vendors, awesome was epic.  We watched great bands, met some cool people, and got to hang out while looking out onto the bay filled with sailboats!  Had the best respite from the trail at the Freed's, we definitely needed it! Got back on the trail, saw some cool sights, a HUGE buzzard, walked through two rock mazes - and then decided to sleep in one - in a cave.  We set up our tent in a 3.5 foot high cave, hung out on the rocks while catching up in our journals, tossed the rugby ball around for a bit after dinner, then crawled into the cave and went to sleep! Walked into Boiling Springs the next day, a beautiful little hiker town with a pond, stone buildings, and a park.  Looked in at the Boiling Springs ATC, then met up with a Wyo camper's mother, who had GENEROUSLY offered her home to us for the night! Finally got to take a shower!!! We did some laundry, played soccer with her ADORABLE girls, (who are insanely athletic and talented at soccer, even at their young age! they totally schooled us), ate some ice cream, got to talk all about camp, what to expect, which activities are awesome, how much fun everything is, and got to watch the new WYO promotional video!  It totally brought back a million memories and stories, made us miss Wyo so so much, and we even got to see a 11-year-old Laugh Track hiking up a mountain! Caught a bus to Philly, then up to Boston so I can attend a wedding (and see my man), and so Laugh Track can get home for a few days before the second leg of our journey begins!  We are having the time of our lives, loving ever second we are on the trail, and every second we are off meeting new people and having new experiences.  Loving this life SO MUCH. definitely don't think it can get any better!  We are excited to be in Duncannon, PA for a 4th of July party!!!!!  Updates will be quicker this week, since I have my computer!!! xoxo gossip girl!

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  1. Hey love! It was amazing seeing you for the past week and being able to show you the new apartment and then get to go out to PA, finally meet the infamous Bronza and hang out with you, Liz and him. I hope the next few months of hiking go amazing and I can't wait for you to get up to CT so I can "show you how it's done", haha. Love you and have so much fun out there (know you will) xoxox.