Monday, June 6, 2011

Buena Vista, VA

quick update, made it to Buena Vista, VA.  yes - we know it's only been 2 days since we last were in town, but there is a movie theatre here, and there wasn't in Glasgow, so what's a girl to do?  Pirates of the Carribean is calling our name. mmm...Johnny Depp...  So we hiked up and over some mountains out of Glasgow, but not before we decided to jump off the 40ft bridge over the James River.  Met up with 4-Beards and Stretch on a hot, hot day to test our fear of heights.  Locals were out in droves, hurling their bodies off the bridge with enthusiastic fervor, doing flips, corkscrews, backdives, and gainers.  Being the bullheaded New Englander I am, I obviously had to show off by jumping off the bridge the second we got there...but let me tell you, once I was out on the railing...I freaked out a little.  40 ft is a LOOOOONG way down.  While Laugh Track and Strech lounged in the sun, cheering us on, and taking pictures, I made my way out on the ledge 5 times, just to prove I could.  Even though it was terrifying, the rush was awesome, the water - a perfect temperature to cool off, and the cheers of the crowd, intoxicating.  4-Beards managed to grip the railing, looking out over the drop, for a good 50 minutes while trying to build up the nerve to jump.  Amid the promises that we would all keep him safe, that he would be such a baller having done it, that he would be proud of himself after it was over - it was Lobo, a SOBO hiker from last year, that promised to drop sodas and treats at the next stream, 15 miles North for him, that finally persuaded him to let go, scream "Bear Bag Mafia" at the top of his lungs, and plunge 40 feet down into the depths.  Again, much cheering.  Finally, when everyone was packing up, I decided to jump one more time. Not from the bottom rung..oh no, I needed to show off even more...I had to do it.... from the top railing...50ft in the air...when will I learn to quit??  Some locals who had been doing synchronized gainers off the top all afternoon persuaded me to hop up there with them.  After clutching the railing, laying there like a beached whale, I finally got the nerve to stand up.  No supports, no handles, no reassuring railing behind me, with the promise of saftey if I just climbed back over. Once I was up, I was going back.  So as my stomach was doing it's own form of gainers, the locals counted down...3...2....1.... and I was flying through open sky.  What. A. Rush.  Well, since that was over and done with, we decided to walk north again..something new and different.  Camped at a shelter, then did 18 miles the next day to a cute little campsite by a waterfall.  Walked 3 miles the Rte. 60, was given strawberries and beer by 20-point and his dad, then was offered a ride by Landshark into Buena Vista, where we headed to the campsite, took showers, washed our clothes, walked into town, and are now waiting till 7pm for Pirates to blow our minds.  Heading up to Waynesboro this week, and then into Shenandoah National Park.  Loving every second of this trip!  We're hitting the 800 mile mark tomorrow! Bring it on!!!

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