Monday, June 20, 2011


OHHHHHHHHHHH we're halfway there!!! OHHHHHH LIVIN' ON A PRAYER!!!  Rolled up to Harpers Ferry today! the half mile mark of the Appalachian Trail!!  but first thing's first.  the last time we were on here was lets start there. We had an amazing time there, sorta got sucked in - there was a club, with DANCE MUSIC, so obviously we had to go - Laugh Track and I miss dancing SO much, so be broke it down for a few hours, and taught some fellow thru hikers how to shake it.  Saw some more movies, drank some chocolate milk, made some sangria, laid out in the sun, and finally made it out of town.  Started walking through the Shenendoah's - super beautiful.  Our good friends, Catalyst and Bandit, had birthdays a few days apart from each other, and wanted desperately to go to the beach, so they made it happen.  The texted everyone they knew on the trail, telling them to walk out onto Skyland Drive at noon on tuesday, and they were going to drive the length of the Shennies picking up wayward hikers.  When they got to us, the already kidnapped Dash, Wild Child, Box Elder, Spins, and Jungleboots.  We made out way to Lake Anna, a state park in the middle of VA with a gorgeous lake.  We stocked up of steak, beer, wine, fruit, and sparkles, set up our tents, threw some steaks on the grill, dove in the lake, and started the party.  Had an amazing night, celebrated the birthdays and had a nice little vaca from the trail. Got back on the trail the next day, after getting traditional blackberry milkshakes at Big Meadow's Wayside.  Hiked into the woods, pitched out tent and had a chill night to ourselves.  We met up with Box, Boots, Mark Trail, and Bubbles at Skyland and ate some lunch, then decided to hitch into Luray for a shower and a bed and laundry - all of which we desperately needed.  Hit up a local bar that night, listened to amazingly HORRENDOUS karaoke, and made some friends with some townies.  Hiked some more, saw some views, then got into the Bear's Den Hostel.  What an awesome place - they had views over the Shennendoah Valley, a mulberry bush in the yard, a tv with so so so many awesome DVDs to watch, pizza, a pint of ben & jerry's each, and a soft bunk.  I'm pretty sure we watched about 5 movies, ate soooo much food, slept like the dead, and the next morning made mulberry pancakcs.  Hiked out late, stopped by Blackburn Hiker Hostel for a soda, and camped at a great shelter with a porch and porch swing.  Woke up excited...since we only had 10 miles to get into Harper's Ferry!!!  Had an easy walk into town, got to walk over the bridge and see amazing views of the Shennendoah River, and finally made it to the ATC in Harpers Ferry!!  Got our pictures taken in front, and found out we were the 510th and 511th people to pass through the ATC this year!  Got some postcards, picked up our mail drops (Thank you B, for sending me my rugby ball!!!!!!) and had a former hiker, Blue Moon, offer up his apartment for us to stay for free!! Got a shower, did our laundry and had an amazing dinner cooked by Blue Moon.  The moment we walked in, he poured us Jagger shots, to celebrate our accomplishment of coming halfway up the AT!!!  Now we are relaxing in the air conditioning, nice and clean, and watching TV.  Tomorrow we're off on a mini vacation to Washington D.C. to see a Nat's v. Mariners game! And then up to Annapolis to see our friends, the Freeds, and Momma Raccoon!  We can't wait!!! this is the best trip ever!!! OHHHHHHHH WE'RE HALFWAY THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHHHHHHHH LIVIN' ON A PRAYER!!!!!!!!!

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