Wednesday, July 13, 2011

PA is a twisted ankle waiting to happen

OK. wow, so we have basically been having the best summer of our lives.  that is the skinny.  it has been amazing.  we have had the best experiences and had the most fun known to the human race.  So after our little foray up to New England where i got to watch two of my good friends tie the knot, and attend an amazingly fun reception, Laugh Track and I headed back down to Duncannon with Brutus!  It was so great seeing all my friends in western mass, and Laugh Track got to hang out in Maine for a while  - it was a great little break.  After getting back down to PA, we had a fun time in town, going to local bars and lounging around on the grassy peninsula where we pitched our tents.  Laugh Track, Bronza, Brutus and I played an epic round of hearts, (where I shot the moon..yes thank you, thank you), drank some yeunling, and had a great 4th of july.  Brutus left and Laugh Track's friend Sara showed up! It was a great weekend for visitors! We went to the infamous Doyle hotel for a few drinks, saw the town, had an early birthday party for Sara, lit some sparklers, sang the star spangled banner, and played some kings.  It was one of the best 4th of july's we have ever had!!!  and the fun doesn't stop there - Laugh Track's family friend invited us to a Harrisburg Senators game!  Box seats, full food and drink bar, and a bunch of his awesome coworkers and their families.  We got to watch the Sens beat the Eerie Seawolves, Laugh Track caught a foul ball, and Sara was thrown a t-shirt between innings!  It was pretty epic.  We were invited back to John's house were we got to use his pool, watch tv, and play with his adorable little girls.  We read some stories, watched some disney movies, and had a relaxing few days.  After Sara went home, we were back on the trail again, we hiked through some beautiful forests, over treacherous rocks, but that we can deal with.  We had an awesome weekend on a lake with Laugh Track's college friends to look forward to, so we booked it up and down mountains so we could meet up with her friend who was picking us up in time.  The day we were to be picked up, it started POURING rain.  not just a nice, light, refreshing rain, but full on deluge.  What made it even worse, was the fact that we hit a section of the trail that was COMPLETE rocks.  not easy, soft ground, but precariously balanced, hazardous, slippery rocks.  We had to slow down and pick our way through the rubble so we didn't sprain any ankles or going flying face first into a boulder.  It was a relief when we made it out of the woods (quite literally) and Laugh Track's friend was waiting there with a bag of twizzlers and two home brewed beer.  Our blisters and chaffing was out of control from the wet clothes we were wearing, but we changed into dry clothes, and proceeded to have an amazing weekend on the island with LT's awesome friends, listening to music, playing games, going swimming and boating, grilling, and watching the USA women's quarter final's, which was probably the most exciting game i have ever seen,....we came back from a red card, an unfair penalty shot, overtime, and shoot out, playing with a man down, to win it in the final moments.  IT WAS SO EXCITING.  We then booked it down to NYC for a day to meet up with my sister, so i could fill her in on my life, and so LT could rest a little more, since her back acted up a little bit.  So we are taking some R&R so we will be in shape to hit the trail and make our way through the tri state area and up to new england!!!!! we are so excited to be up north, where a lot of our friends are, and we know the terrain and states better.  We are having the best summer of our lives! We love this trail, the people, the experiences, the lifestyle.  We never want this trip to end! Loving life! Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

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  1. Wow Ais, your blogs are so great! Love the details and descriptions. Hi Liz!
    Can't wait to see you in VT. I'll pick you up on the 6th and that's Hospital Fair Day too so you can check it out if you want when we get home. Showers, a bed and Laundry are definitely available. A cookout and campfire in the back yard too if you want. Can't believe you are almost here - you guys are doin's great!
    Love and Hugs,
    Momma Raccoon