Monday, April 11, 2011


made it to NOC today, as in Nantahala Outdoor Club in Bryson City, NC.  it was 12 miles of downhill today...our knees were dying, but well worth the views.  Laugh Track and I gorged on twix and chips and nacho cheese while watching guys in kayaks do tricks in the river.  Got a bunk for tonight, which means shower and laundry...hell yes! then grabbing a 6 pack and hanging out with our friends and watching the sunset.  Don't think the weather could get any better, or that we could be having any more fun. this is a blast and a half.  134 miles down.... GIT 'R DONE!!

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  1. Hey "Rocky" it's been so great to get your phone calls! You sound positively ecstatic! So glad you've had such terrific weather -that can make all the difference. Hope your poor knees get a little R&R before you ask them to be haulin' their heels down any more mountains. I still think y'all are makin' great time. Right on schedule so far according to your mail drop ETA. Take lots of photos!! I can't wait to see them! Hugs to "Laugh Track" "3 Hats!," all you're new hiking buddies, and you sweetie!
    Love, "Momma Rocky"

    (That sounds a little too much like SP's Momma Grizzly" for my taste, but I'll take it as a trail name if I ever do the thru hike!) Love you lots!