Friday, April 22, 2011

Hot Springs!

well, laugh track and i made it to hot springs, NC.  we had an amazing time in the Great Smoky Mts. absolutely beautiful views from the tops of mountains and gorgeous walks along ridge lines while the sun filtered through the trees.  we didn't get to see any bears, unfortunately, but we did get to hang out with a bunch of awesome people, 2-beards, coyote, fish head, mouse, cool cat, woodstock, and goopa.  laugh track and i walked 18 miles to get to standing bear hostel in TN for a party they were throwing on 4/20 - all you can eat pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs, salad, beans, rice, veggies, was amazing.  we camped out in the back yard, met some AWESOME people, including the former fiddle player for Old Crow Medicine Show, and just had an awesome time.  the next day we were set to head back out on the trail, but a few more of our friends rolled in, and we thought we should take some more time off to heal some nasty blisters that keep sprouting up, so we stayed on another night hanging out with last minute, goopa, knittin', mouse, milk man, box elder, tooth-pac, blue steel, and mel, making s'mores, drinking some beer, and playing with a pet squirrell.  the weather has been a bit dreary, but today it cleared up a bit, and we got to do laundry and take showers!! so all is right in the world again.  this trip couldn't get any better, the people are awesome, the views are fantastic, and we are having the BEST time just talking about stories from camp, our lives, and society and the world in general.  walking for 10 hours a day really gives you a lot of time to think and ponder certain questions and ideas.  we have talked A LOT about EVERYTHING, even though we have only been out here for about 3 weeks...i can't imagine what we will be like in 6 months!  i miss rugby like crazy, and we both miss NYC, but being in the wilderness and walking for miles each day is amazing...our toughest decision being whether to make pasta or rice for is very agreeable.  we LOVE it out here.  miss you all!  we are thinking of you!  out to the pub tonight for some local brews and a few burgers!!!

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