Saturday, April 9, 2011

Franklin, NC

Hey hey hey!!!! So we have made it more than 100 miles from Springer Mt, in GA to Franklin, NC.  The weather has been beautiful, sunny, warm, breezy, with only one hiccup on top of Trey Mt in GA where we got to experience a torrential downpour and insane thunderstorm while huddling in the back of the shelter.  We woke up to snow on the ground, but it melted before the day was out and the weather turned perfect once again.   Although our feet are sore and blistered, and our muscles tight, we are having the time of our lives.  We passed over Blood Mt, the highest mountian in GA, on the 4th, spending out first night inside at Neels Gap, resupplying and taking our first shower.  We then treked on to a few more shelters, doing our first 16 mile day on the way up Trey Mt, before collapsing into our sleeping bags during the T-storm.  After that, we made it into Hiawasse, where we indulged in McDonalds, a shower, some good convorsation with other hikers, and a great breakfast, courtesy of the Blueberry Patch Hostel.  After making it to the GA-NC boarder the next day, we were greeted by a mountain that seemed endless, the only respite being that we joined up with a group of hikers our own age, since mostly we had been hiking with retirees.  Gumby, Last Minute, Spins, Doc Boom, Yinz, and Little Bird made the next few days more enjoyable, since we got to see Spins do some fire spining at a camp and head into Franklin together.  We'll keep you updated!!!


  1. So proud of you guys! Glad to hear that you have made it 100 miles and that your spirits are high. Can't wait till your next post! Kiyi!
    Love, Smack

  2. Hi "Rocky"
    Thanks for the phone calls and post card! So exciting to hear your voice - you sound pumped! Hi Liz & Avery What an amazing experience! you all are having. 100 miles already -I'm so impressed! Can't wait to hear more. Tell me when you sight your first bear!
    Hugs, Mom/Carlton