Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fontana Dam

So, laugh track and i made to fontana dam with a detour to the hostpital for a 'scrip for vicodin for a pulled quad on my part.  hiked 7 miles straight uphill right out of NOC in the FREEZING RAIN and 70 mile an hour winds....finally pulled up to sassafrass gap shelter, and cozied in with some other soaking wet hikers.  it's amazing how great a cup of hot cocoa with brown sugar can make you feel.  we spent the afternoon cracking up at the antics of Bronza, Fish Head, Rebel and Coyote... never before have i laughed so hard while wearing every article of clothing i own and trying not to move from my sleeping bag.  fortunately, laugh track got some of it on video so that should be up at some point.  3 hats curled up in our tent to keep warm, since the shelter was full by the time she got there, but thankfully, today was absolutely beautiful, soft breezes, blooming dogwoods, and a great lunch break with all our friends on the side of the road.  got pulled pork sandwiches, salad (our first green veggies in a while!!!) and our first mail drops!  Some nice surprises from friends and family back home!!! You are all amazing, thank you so much for the support and love you are sending our way!!! we love you and are having the time of our lives!!!!  We'll give you an update at our next town!!! Oh my goth! Nemo's thwimming our to thea!!!!!

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  1. You guys are amazing!!! I'm so thrilled for all three of you!! Thanks for keeping us posted!! I love your trail names!! And can't wait to see some video!!

    Love you Liz!! Cheers to you, your greatest adventure yet, and a good goblet of green goo!!