Friday, August 5, 2011


h'okay.  so we headed back to the trail and our friend from camp, carrie, came out for a night!!  she also brought us a DELICIOUS meal, which turned out to be the best thing we had cooked in the wilderness -  breakfast burritos with fresh avocado, tomatoes, beans and rice, eggs, cheese and hot sauce!!!  we hung out, caught up, convinced carrie to quit her job, (har har), ate some cupcakes, and had an awesome time.  it was so great to see her!  we then got to cornwall bridge, ct where the liquor store gave out a free beer to all thru hikers!  then, as we were catching up with yinz and mr. black (whom we haven't seen in two weeks) a local gave us 20 bucks!! i mean, we were hanging out outside a liquor store, so what were we supposed to do with it???  we had a great time after that, and brutus' mom came, picked us up, and we got to go to his grandfather's house for a shower, delicious dinner, and a bed to sleep in!!  after hiking through northern CT and into MA - we were met by a springfield men's rugby player, martin, at a crossroads in Great Barrington.  he gave us beer and chocolate, then drove us to the best pizza place in town!!!  an amazing fig, prosciutto, and spinach pizza, we headed into northampton, where my best friends, kathryn and hunter picked us up!!  they took us to their amazing house on a 145 acre farm where we got to chase chickens, rescue frogs from the pool, and eat amazing food.  after getting a tour of the cutest house in existence, we headed out to a cabin on the property, drank some beer, made a fire, and told stories of our amazing adventures.  it was pretty much the best time ever, and they are living in neverland....we both want their lives.  the next day we headed back into town, where i got to show laugh track around smith college campus and  downtown northampton.   we then got to go to my old work and get hot tubs and massages!!!!  it was so relaxing!!! and just what we needed to face vermont, new hampshire and maine.  we got dinner at my favorite college bar, then went out with some of my friends from town and rugby team!!!  got to play s-ball at the watering hole, tried to beat our score at naughty "guess the difference" and basically had the best night ever.  after recuperating on alex and teddy's couch the next day we headed back to the trail!!!  it was great to be back, but it made me miss everyone at home!!!  had pretty good weather for the most part, just a few clouds and showers for the next few days! had a gorgeous morning for our climb up mt. greylock - the highest mountain in MA!!  spent about 3 hours walking around the summit, taking pictures, and eating lunch.  after a little more hiking, we decided we wanted to head to my house in VT for a soft bed, television, and my mom's home cooking.  we hitched to brattleboro where we checked out a new sports bar, watched the red sox beat the indians - a great game to watch together, since i am an avid sox fan, and laugh track loves the indians!  got home, played with my mom's two cats, watched A LOT of jersey shore, and did some chores.  we are stoked for tomorrow, when there is a fair on the town common! fried dough and corn dogs!!!  loving this little break before we hit the hardest part of the trail!!! bring it on white mountains! we ain't scared of you!   that was just a lie, but we are definitely excited! cant wait to get back on the trail!  we LOVERMONT

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