Wednesday, August 24, 2011

beasting the whites...or vice versa

so we headed out of hanover by way of a extremely nice family of trail angels who let us shower, do laundry, and sleep in an amazing bed.  got to mt moosilauke and died going up it.  camped on the top, in the wind and the cold, then almost died coming down it, but fortunately ran into 3 hats and her sister!!! had a catch up time about what we had missed out in each others lives on the trail, while sitting basically on a vertical rock face. when we were about to leave, mark trail and scribbles showed up with coke and oreos, so we had a little snack break and caught up with everyone.  we made our way carefully down the rest of the mountain, almost falling to our deaths a few times.  then had an amazing night in north woodstock at the local brewery. met up with some bikers from long island who were so impressed with our hike they bought us a drink.  had a great night, then hurried out of franconia notch the next morning, had a GORGEOUS hike over little haystack, lincoln and lafayette.  above alpine, rocky vistas, amazing views.  it was perfect.  we were hiking down when two thunderstorms blew in from both directions, making us a little nervous, since we were heading right toward them. we decided to hole up between two rocks that gave us a little protection from the wind, and watched as the two storms came to a head about a mile from us.  it turned out to be an amazing night as we watched the sun set on one side, and a massive thunderstorm on the other.  the next morning we hiked up and over mt garfield, an insane mountain that was straight up and straight down.  we actually walked DOWN a waterfall, it was terrifying, then past a hut, and up another insane mountain,  the whites are HARD.  haha. they are totally kicking our butts.  the storm of the century came the next night so we booked it down into crawford notch so as not to be caught up on the ridge during a t-storm.  we threw up our tent in the driving rain, and huddled in some puddles for a few hours before finally getting to sleep for a few minutes between thunder and lighting crashes.  when we semi dried out the next day, we started the day from hell!  straight up over webster cliffs in 60 mile an hour winds and harsh rain.  when we reached mizpah hut by 1pm we were beat, so we did some dishes for some soup and chocolate cake, then hiked on another mile where we pitched our tent and rested our weary feet.  seeing mt washington in the distance and knowing we were going to reach it the next day was pretty awesome...made it to lake of the clouds hut in a little under 2 hours, and had some more delish home cooked food.  met up with some of our friends, spice and hollywood, then decided to start the climb up mt washington.  the wind was blowing so so hard, and the peak was in a cloud, so we couldnt see more than a foot in front of us, but we made it, took some pictures, and caught a ride down to pinkham notch, where momma raccoon was going to pick us up for a little tlc at our amazing summer camp, wyonegonic!!!  we were so excited to get there that we were bouncing in our seats the whole ride, and had the best time catching up with old friends, and seeing our old stomping ground.  we hung out in the ropes course this morning, swam in moose pond, and laugh track got to challenge and beat our camp director in an amazingly intense ping pong match...a rematch to be had after cookout this afternoon!! we are loving life! almost done with the trip! and 4 more days till my birthday!!!!!  cant wait!!!!!!!!!  woot!

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