Monday, May 30, 2011

whoever said virginia was flat is a BIG FAT LIAR

so yeah, this state is NOT FLAT. everyone and their mother told all of us that VA was flat, that we would knock out 30 miles a day, no problemo.....well guess what. it's not flat. there are A LOT OF UPS. haha.  it is kicking our ASS, but after we failed the case challenge, we recuperated in pearisburg, ate some mexican with our new best friends, catalyst and bandit, then actually WALKED out of there.  we pulled some big miles, our longest yet, a 21 mile day, ending during a thunderstorm while we were walking on a ridge.  we got awesome trail magic at "the captains" where we got to zip line across a river, almost falling in since our 50 pound bags were pulling us over.  we walked up a lot of the rain.  we got dumped on for about 3 days...everything was soaking, soggy, nasty, we couldn't tell if it was rain or sweat. it was AWESOME.  finally, we woke up to a semi dry day, and got to hike to dragons tooth, a really sweet rock that was about 40 feet in the air.  we climbed around that for about an hour, then almost died walking down the steepest mountain ever.  that night we got to the HOME PLACE, an amazing all you can eat restaurant with fried chicken, roast beef, potatoes, baked beans, biscuits, apple butter, and gravy. it was amazing. catalyst, bandit, laugh track and i then walked one more mile to the shelter just up the road and had a girls night, talking about boys, movies, life.  it was great.  the next day, catalyst and bandit had to book it into daleville to meet bandit's parents, and we had a leisurely stroll over tinker's cliffs, since we couldn't pick up our mail drops till tuesday, we forgot that it was memorial day..whoops!  when we were on top of tinkers cliffs, we decided that it was too pretty to not camp there, so we picked out a nice part of the cliff, threw down our tarp, and set up our bags.  8-beard decided to hike south to hang out with us, and brought us 9 pounds of water, so we cooked dinner, hung out and watched the sun set on top of the cliffs.  woke up to a 97 degree day, and hiked 11 miles into town, and basically collapsed into an air conditioned Wendy's.  bandit and catalyst sooooo graciously offered to let us use their hotel room to shower...AMAZING.  we are hanging out till we can pick up our mail drops tomorrow!!! loving life. NEVER WANT THIS TRIP TO END.

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  1. Hi there -read about your trek on the Wyo FB page. Our daughter is going this summer for the first time, and we're thrilled for her. The reason I'm contacting you, though, is that we live very close to the AT in Pennsylvania (near Boiling Springs and Pine Grove Furnace). We'd be happy to have you all stay over when you're passing through the area; we have three guest rooms (that share a guest bath), and you could each have a comfy bed, laundry facilities, technology, etc. We're here for most of the summer, and if that works for you, we'd be happy to pick you up once you get here. Feel free to contact me privately at (Rebecca Bliss). Happy hiking!